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Free Summer Mini-Training for School Psychologists

You’re in summer mode. You’re just on the verge of relaxing…

Then, you remember that this school year is going to look very different. And you’re not even sure how to begin to prepare.

If you’re worried about the giant backlog of assessments and how to cope with the stress of school psyching during a pandemic, this free video mini-training series is for you.

While we can’t control what back-to-school in a pandemic looks like, we CAN prepare for what is in our control.

We can control our prioritization, organization, and cultivate a healthy mindset about work/life balance.

My FREE video mini-training is designed to help you hit the ground relaxed, not running, this school year…no matter what that school year might look like.

Check out this quick 3-minute video featuring my new puppy, to see what it’s all about…

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