1 in 5 students have a mental health issue that keeps them from learning.

There is one school psychologist for every 1400 students in our public schools.

Let’s give school psychologists the resources they need to help kids thrive.

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When you empower school psychologists to move from overworked and underutilized to thriving, you get thriving students, inspired teachers, and conscious parents.

Join the movement to help all students thrive.

For School Psychologists

School psychologists can’t wait for more funding and lower caseloads to serve our students. When we show up on Monday, we need tools to spend more time with students, and not just their paperwork!

Read Dr. Rebecca Branstetter’s expert advice in her Notes From the School Psychologist Blog and resources JUST for school psychologists.

For School Districts

Want to learn how to tap into the real potential of your school psychologists to interrupt the cycle of underachievement before more costly interventions? If your district is struggling with recruiting, retaining, and leveraging your school psychologists in crucial MTSS/RTI programs, we can help.

Find out how we help districts provide high quality access to the learning and mental health services they deserve.

Get Involved

There are many ways to support our mission of supporting school psychologists so that they can make sure that all kids, no matter their background or circumstances, have access to high quality mental health and learning support services they deserve.

Learn how you can be a champion for change in our public schools.

For Parents

Are you a parent who wants support with your child's learning and social-emotional development?  Check out Dr. Branstetter's online parenting courses and free resources for teaching social-emotional and independent learning skills at home!

Learn how you can help your child THRIVE at home, school, and in life.

Explore the Thriving School Psychologist Collective ™ Resources

New Course! How to Teach Children and Teens Executive Functioning Skills 

Are you an educator, school psychologist or mental health professional who wants easy-to-use toolkit for teaching vital executive functioning skills like focus, impulse control, and organization? Look no further! Learn practical tools to books students' executive functioning and study skills...in just a few minutes a day.

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Free Quiz and Mini-Training for School Psychologists

Do you love your students but find yourself not loving parts of your job as a school psychologist? Take this 10-item quiz so you can learn which of the four most common burnout traps you might be headed for…and more importantly, what to do to get out of the trap or avoid it altogether!

Take the Quiz!

Notes from the School Psychologist Blog

Stories, tools, and tips for school psychologists to thrive, not just survive as a school psychologist. Dr. Rebecca Branstetter’s popular blog gives school psychologists advice and resources for addressing the day-to-day challenges…with real-time practical solutions.

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The Thriving School Psychologist Collective ™

Online course and community for school psychologists so that they can move from being “Testing Machines” to using their full skill-sets to do the REAL work with students. Dr. Rebecca Branstetter and her team of experts provide a 10-month experience that coaches school psychologists in the research-based “4 Pillars of a Thriving School Psychologist” model.

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New! The Thriving School Psychologist Book

In the Thriving School Psychologist, popular blogger and author Rebecca Branstetter reveals the four most common burnout traps for school psychologists ... and how to avoid them. No matter if you’re a first year intern or a seasoned veteran, you will learn practical tools for transforming your career into the one you’ve always imagined. And you can start using these tools TODAY.

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Free Webinar for School Psychologists

 In the "4 Pillars of a Thriving School Psychologist" training, Rebecca walks you through practical steps to move from feeling like a "Testing Machine" to having more freedom to do meaningful work with students!

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The Science of Happiness Mini-Course

Do you want to reduce stress and increase happiness in your job as a school psychologist? Join Dr. Rebecca Branstetter in this NASP-approved online mini-course! In a few hours, you can walk away with practical science-based tools to thrive as a school psychologist (and not just survive)!

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Free Online Trainings For School Psychologists

Are you interested to learn school psych specific organizational tips and critical mindset moves that will help you move from surviving to thriving as a school psychologist? Check out if there are any free online trainings this month here. We offer trainings specific to the life cycle of the school year—March (Assessment) Madness, Mindful May, and Back-to-School Organizational Tips. If you’re checking in on a month we do not have a training scheduled, not to worry! Click through and sign up for the newsletter and you’ll be the first to know when a new training is up.

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The Thriving School Psychologist Collective ™
Alumni Lounge

A Professional Learning Community exclusively for the alumni of the Thriving School Psychologist Collective ™ provides multidisciplinary support from experts in School Psychology, MTSS, Social-Emotional Learning/Counseling, and Ed Tech Tools.

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District Support Packages

Learn how a two-year investment in your school psychologists can pay off dividends for years in improving your MTSS/RTI systems, efficient service delivery, and prevention of staff burnout and turnover. An investment now can save districts from the costly consequences of being out of special education compliance and disproportionality of students of color in special education.

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All the good things that school psychologists need to do more with less.

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Helping Students Thrive by Supporting School Psychologists

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The School Psychologist's Survival Guide: Sample Chapter and all the Time-Saving Forms.


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Dr. Rebecca Branstetter is a school psychologist, speaker, and author on a mission to help public school psychologists manage their stress, improve their efficacy and enjoyment in their work, and prevent getting burned out so they can focus on what they love to do—being champions for helping children be the best they can be in school and in life and supporting educators and families.