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5 Resources for National School Psychology Week 2022


National School Psych Week is here! Are you ready??? This year’s theme is The theme is “Together We SHINE.”

I love this theme.

Since 2011, I’ve dedicated my career to helping school psychologists prevent burnout—giving tools for thriving, not just surviving, even though yes, my first book was called a SURVIVAL Guide. What can I say? I was surviving at that moment, and now we’ve evolved to THRIVING.

Back to the theme! When one school psychologist shines—when they are engaged, joyful, and in a vibrant community of other thriving school psychologists—something magical happens. Like a prism, they shine out and their positivity reaches the students, families, and school communities they serve. Together, we definitely shine bright.

And all I can do when I see this theme is sing the Moana song in my head…😂

🎵 SHINY! Watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough….Strut my stuff, my stuff is so SHINY! 🎵

So for National School Psychology Week, I’ve curated five SHINY new resources for you and your students!

Each of the five printable resources is based on the ways we help students SHINE:


You’ll get coloring pages and shareable social media images to strut yo’ stuff and let the people know what we do as school psychologists!

These tools will also give you the opportunity to have fun with kids this week in the activities you do best–whether its supporting SEL, boosting executive functioning, helping kids understand how their brains work, or being a champion for diverse learners.

👇Click here or on image below to get your free tools!👇


One last thing! I’ll be hopping on Instagram Live every day this week (November 7th-11th, 2022) at 3pm PST to share the 5 ways we help kids SHINE!

Hop over to Instagram and follow @thrivingschoolpsych now so you’ll be ready to join me live to win FREE SCHOOL PSYCH SWAG PRIZES! 🎉🎉🎉


All you have to do to join in the fun is hop on my Instagram page at 3pm and click on my profile pic when it says LIVE.

And if you catch this post after the live events, still come over to my Instagram and be a part of our community of school psychs, parents, and educators helping kids SHINE.

Be sure to enter in the contest to win cool SHINY stuff by 11/11/22 at 3pm! #ourstuffissoshiny!


🧡 Happy National School Psychology Week! 🧡


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