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Yes, I Still Have a Blog.


I have been going down a shame-spiral for not posting lately! The weather is hotter, the kids are crazier, and yes, I am STILL working in the school district even though the official first day of summer was yesterday. I spent yesterday in a room that had a temperature roughly the same as the surface of the sun doing professional development.

The previous weeks were full of trying to tie therapy bows on all my counseling kiddos (FAIL) and finishing up assessments with kids who wanted to be there as much as I did. I also got a few crises thrown in the mix, because we just can’t hold it together in June, can we? Sigh.

Soon, friends. Soon I will be able to start the summer recharging process…will this be the summer I actually meet my goal of learning how to reupholster vintage furniture? Will I write meaningful blog posts again? Will I finally learn how to post resources on my blog for people to download, like I’ve been wanting to for 4 years? Stay tuned…

One thing I can say I have been doing regularly (not posting, clearly) is keeping up with the Notes From the School Psychologist Faceyface Page. I am loving the dialogue and tips from people across the country. Also, loving the commiseration of folks who are making up snow days right now and feel my pain. Come join the awesomeness.

I should also note that I am on twitter too, and if you follow me, I promise you I don’t tweet what I had for breakfast and stuff. Mostly I re-tweet interesting articles every week or so. And yes, articles on the Onion count as articles.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    I totally understand. As we speak, I am typing psych reports and making up snow days too. Lovely. Our work as school psyschs is so noble, but sometimes, so crazy. Ride the wave, girl. Soon we will be out for summer and get to re-charge. You will get there soon. Just hang on a little longer. Some of the goals I have are to start a psych webpage (that I can put resources up so teachers can get them there), get tips to get more eco-friendly, to work out more, and to learn to cook better. Here's to less crazy living! 🙂
    ~A fellow school psych, Liz

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