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I got a booklet of papers in the mail today from my mother. Attached to the papers was a sticky note that read:“One finds some very interesting things when cleaning up basements.” It was some of my writing from elementary school. Given my recent post on writing, I thought I’d share some of my early work to show how writing develops.

Apparently, I was a “journalist” for the school paper back in the early 80s. Two thoughts came to mind as I read this: 1) I can’t believe this was published this for others to read, and 2) I may have missed my calling as a hard-nosed reporter.

Interview with Barbie
By Rebecca Bell, Reporter

Barbie: “You know, I’ve never been interviewed before.”
Rebecca: “Barbie, I would like to ask you a few questions.” *
Barbie: “Oh, sure. Ask me anything.”
Rebecca: “Barbie, do you like Ken?”
Barbie: I used to, but now I like Mr. T.”
Rebecca: “I see, but how does Ken feel?”**
Barbie: “He doesn’t care and besides, he likes Skipper now.”
Rebecca: “Are you going to be doing a movie with Mr. T.?”
Barbie: “Yes, it’s called ‘Strut’.”***
Rebecca: “Thank you very much, Barbie. It was nice interviewing you.”

*See, I get right to the point, like a hard-nosed journalist
**Note early therapeutic penchant for asking about feelings
***I really wish this were a real movie. It would have been awesome.

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