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Works for Me Wednesday: Making Studying Fun

Hi Moms from “Rocks in My Dryer!” I have just discovered your “Works for Me” links and I hope you’ll enjoy a few tips from a school psychologist on how to make studying for a test with your child more fun. These two links are geared for teachers, but are easily adapted to homework sessions at home.



For everyone else, go on and enjoy them a second time. New Study Skill Tip on the way for Friday’s post. Stay tuned!

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Comments on Works for Me Wednesday: Making Studying Fun

  1. superdeens says:

    I did your “Swatters” game with my 6th graders and they LOOOOOVED it. Only, I called it, “Hit It,” and had them slap the board with their hand. We did it for 20 straight minutes, which was about 50 questions. The following week, I had them create flashcards with the vocab/concepts and they had to give 3 clues for each. It was a great review.

    Thanks for the idea!

  2. Superdeens,

    Yea! I’m glad they liked it! I’ve only done it with small groups, so it’s nice to hear it worked well in the large group too. Plus, you saved a few bucks by not driving all over town to find fly swatters in December, like I did. 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    For Christmas, I copied your article on Dingers* and gave each of my kids’ teachers a Staples Easy Button along with an assortment of office supplies and a GC to Staples. Thanks for the idea and thanks for the humor. I always look forward to reading your posts!

    *After the fact, looking down at the bottom of your blog, I’m certain this is a violation of copyright law…but I did make sure your name and the link to your site was on the copied page. Please don’t have me arrested. To be safe, maybe I’ll post this anonymously…

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