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Whatcha Doin' on Sunday?

Friends, for those of you in the San Francisco Bay area, I am hosting a book reading for The Teachable Moment book I edited! Joining me in reading a little sumthin’ sumthin’ will be two of my favorite school psychologists/contributors to the book. Come one, come all, this Sunday, August 22nd at 3pm to hear yours truly read from the book and schmooze with other fabulous educators! I would love to meet readers of the blog.

The event is at Diesel, A Book Store in Oakland at 5433 College Ave (Rockridge area–by the Rockridge BART for you SF peeps). As an added incentive, husband is baking his world famous chocolate chip cookies.

For those of you not in the Bay Area, go on and charter your jet and come for a long weekend. San Francisco is lovely this time of year (you know, cruelly RIGHT when school starts)

More deets are here

p.s. What should I wear? Channel Shoshona Shauenmbaum, therapist from United States of Tara, or Nicki, second sister wife from Big Love? 😉 Or maybe sport one of my power IEP school psychologist costumes?

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Comments on Whatcha Doin' on Sunday?

  1. Chunyan says:

    This is a great news! I will go to visit Berkerly this weekend and definitely will come to your event! I'm in DE and have been reading your blog since I began my study in school psych. Thanks very much for all the helpful informations here.

  2. Shurl says:

    I just wrote a review of the book on Amazon. Check it out!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thanks Shuri! After you wrote your review, my ranking jumped up to #63 in classroom management. Woo hoo! May you collect a ho-jillion teachable moments as a school psychologist! 😉

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