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Well I Feel Sheepish.

A while back, I wrote a post about how a reader commented that my blog wasn’t fun anymore. Truth be told, I had been feeling a little low about my blogging ability lately, especially since the amount of comments recently has been basically non-existent. And then, when there were no comments when I was offering a free copy of my School Psychologist’s Survival Guide, I got suspicious. I went into my Blogger panel and lo and behold, there were 79 comments pending approval all the way back to APRIL. It turns out, when the people at Blogger changed their control panel or whatever its called, I didn’t check a box to have unapproved comments sent to my email. Neat.

But you have been commenting after all! [Insert Sally Field’s voice from 1984 Oscar Speech] You like me! You really like me! It turns out I’m just not that great at moderating comments on this newfangled world wide web. 


Gak! Those of you who commented with your b2s tips on the blog were actually not entered in the contest! I know, you were waiting with bated breath to see if you won. So to be fair, I put all y’all’s info into a random number generator and came up with another winner!

Lauren Pegg, come on down. You’re the next winner on the NFtSP Blog! Email me at to get your pressie!

As for everyone else, I am truly sheepish for not knowing that you have been commenting all year! I hope ewe will forgive me.* I promise now I will actually post and respond to comments now. It was “shear” luck I discovered my error.*

*I can’t resist a good pun, my apologies. 😉

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  1. emma says:


    I love sheep jokes

    and sheep

    and find this blog satisfactorily entertaining

    and fun (:

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