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Want to Get Super Organized this School Year?

Hey, school psychologist friends I have an important message about organization! This is Rebecca Branstetter from Thriving School Psychologists and, yes, I’m in the Post It section of the Back to School here in this horrible lighting to speak to you about what it takes to get organized as a school psychologist.

I’m one who really loves to organize, and I kind of pride myself on having some really mad executive functioning skills, right? But I realized that very early in my career that there’s a lot of different types of organization, and those strategizes that traditionally work do not work when you’re a school psychologist.

So, what I want to do is share these insights with you. I have a webinar coming up! It’s totally free, and it’s an hour of action-packed information about how to organize as a school psychologist, because we know we can organize, but then we get derailed, don’t we? We get people putting things on our to do list for us, we get wrapped up in the middle of the day, and you know, it ends up that we have to take reports home on the weekends, because despite our best organizational efforts, life got in the way, and the “life of school” can be crazy.

So, I surveyed over 1,000 school psychologists about what are the strategies that helped them keep organized throughout the school year so that they didn’t have to take reports home on the weekends, and I want to share those insights with you.

So, join me in my Four Pillars of a Thriving School Psychologist webinar this August, and I will see you there!

And I will be here nerding out on Post Its if you need me, but I look forward to sharing strategies that will help, particularly for school psychologists, to organize. Because sometimes you can’t organize your way out of dysfunction, despite our best efforts. So, it takes mindset and behavioral shifts as well, and I’m going to teach those to you, and I can’t wait to see you guys there! Take care, you all. I’m going to be nerding out if you need me. Bye!

Sign up here for the August webinars to learn:

– The 3 Critical Behaviors to Cut Down on Report Writing Time
– The Single Best Way to Get More Quality Time with Students
– Top 5 Time Management Hacks for School Psychologists

See you there! Can’t wait to “meet” you all in this LIVE webinar!

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