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Hey, school psych friends! So it’s decision time…

You’re probably still considering whether or not you want to join the Thriving School Psychologist Collective. And I know that since you’re school psychologists, you want some data, and I just want to share out with you what participants in the program have said, and what the data has shown. And I got hard numbers, ya’ll.

So, basically there’s four different things that the school psychologists who participated in the year-long Thriving School Psychologist course and community reported back in their end of year survey. So, in the pre survey I asked them four main things:

1) How happy are you in general?
2) How happy are you in your job as a school psychologist?
3) How often do you feel like you’re using your skillset to your full abilities?
4) How often do you feel stressed in your job?

And, so, on those four measures, what I found was that not only did school psychologists feel happier at work, they also reported feeling happier in general. Which means that when they got a handle of their work life balance, they were able to enjoy their lives much more. They were able to enjoy their weekends. They were able to enjoy their family, their kids, their free time, their down time.

They also reported having less stress. Now, you guys, none of these people changed districts. Right? They changed their behavior. They changed their mindset. They streamlined their workflow, and these were the critical things that they did to change their feelings about work.

They connected to a community, which we know is one of the pillars of thriving, which is being able to have a shared sense of community with your people. We are around people all day, but we are not around OUR people, school psychologists who get it. Right?

And then the last measure I thought was the most interesting was that school psychologists who participated in the Thriving School Psychologist Course reported that they felt like they did more than just test and write reports. They felt like they were doing more in their jobs. They had higher ratings of feeling like they were using their skillset to their full potential, which is exactly why you want to sign up for this course!

NASP-approved CEUs

None of us signed up for school psychologists to be hanging out with our laptops in an office. Right? We want to be with kids. We want to be doing more than just testing. Testing has a very important function. I love testing. But you know what, there’s so much more to us, and I know you know that, and, so, I really want you to join us.

Less than 24 hours left!* And because I love you guys, I really want you to streamline your workflow. You will get the Top 10 Executive Function Bonus if you enroll before the deadline. So, this bonus is great because it basically allows you to drag and drop research-based practical interventions that parents and teachers can grab a hold of because it’s in a visual infographic form. So, there’s no more searching and cutting and pasting. You literally just look at the skillset that the child has a struggle in, and you drop it in your report, and it will save you heaps of time!

NASP-approved CEUs

I really want you guys to join me this year. I really look forward to it. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at You can also go to the website, and there’s a chat box there, and you can hop in to chat and ask me anything.

I really look forward to you seeing you guys in the Thriving School Psychologist Collective! Don’t delay. There’s only less than 24 hours left to get this done, so I look forward to seeing you guys there, and I really want you guys to have a fantastic school year. I want this to be the school year that you really transform from being a testing machine to being a school psychologist, what we can really, really do.

I don’t want to see another single school psychologist get burned out, leave the profession or feel like they’re just doing time until retirement.

So, join me in the Thriving School Psychologist Collective…I’ll see you there.

*Your last chance to enroll in this year’s cohort is Sunday, August 19th, 2018! If it is past the enrollment date, you are welcome to sign up for the wait list and you will be first to know when we are accepting a new cohort.

Rebecca Branstetter is a school psychologist and the creator of the Thriving School Psychologist Collective™, which provides online professional development for school psychologists and a community dedicated to thriving so we can better serve our school communities. To learn how to spend more time with actual students rather than spending time with students’ paperwork (and earn NASP-approved CEUs doing it!) visit

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  1. Rebecca King says:

    Hello, when is your next course?

    Thanks, Becca

  2. Rebecca says:

    Hi Becca,
    The course opens twice a year, in August and December. If you want to be notified when the course enrollment is open, you can go to and click “Join the Waitlist”. Hope to see you next round! 🙂 -Rebecca

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