The Final SPAW Sessions…4 Lessons Learned!

As we close out School Psychology Awareness Week, we also close the chapter in our school psych history of calling it SPAW. I shall miss crowing SPAW! SPAW! like a crow each November, but will also celebrate the move beyond just awareness that we exist. 

Enter the era of National School Psychology Week! Hurray for #NSPW (Nuh-Suh-Puh-Wah?)

A lot happened this week for me:

  1. I got emergency mouth surgery 3 days before SPAW and my doctor officially thinks I’m a crazy person because I wanted to postpone until after SPAW.
  2. I released my brand new book, The Thriving School Psychologist!
  3. NASP Gumby started following me on Twitter and I got a littttttttle too excited about that.

The SPAW Sessions

Also, for the first time during SPAW,  I hosted 4 Facebook Live events to share out my 4 favorite tips from my new book (yes, even with a swollen mouth–I’m really hoping it just looked like I use Kylie Jenner’s lip plumping kit?)

You know the vibes–it’s that “Imma show up to the IEP anyway” energy. 🤣

Here’s the recap of what we learned together, and the link to the Facebook Live events to catch the pro-tip of the day (oh, and don’t be sad that the Mega Thriving Kit Contest is over….I have another special bonus to share with you at the end of this post!):

DAY ONE: Time Management Tips for School Psychologists

The first SPAW Session was all about time management. I shared my favorite pro-tip for getting organized and crushing the to-do list!

DAY TWO: Tips for Expanding Your Role Beyond Testing

The second SPAW Session was all ADVOCACY–both for ourselves and our work/life boundaries and for our students! I shared my favorite tip for learning how to be more than a “testing machine”.

DAY THREE: Tips for Building a “Moat of Positivity” with your Colleagues

In the third SPAW Session, I talked about a common burnout trap for school psychologists–isolation. I shared my favorite tip for protecting yourself!

DAY FOUR: Tips for Building Self-Care in Your LIFE as a School Psychologist

To cap off the end of SPAW/National School Psychology Week, I talked about the #1 strategy for self-care that took me 10+ years to learn (and I’m still learning…truth be told!).


NSPW is Over…What Now?

Want more pro-tips on how to better manage your time, expand your role beyond testing, and reduce your own stress? Order a copy of my new book, The Thriving School Psychologist!

This book is the culmination of what I’ve learned over the past decade about the 4 most common Burnout Traps that hold school psychologists back from fully enjoying their careers and having maximum impact with their students.

In each section, I walk you through how to get out of the trap you’ve fallen into…or avoid the trap in the future. It’s a much deeper dive into the concepts I introduced this National School Psychology Week in my Facebook Live Events (plus inspiring stories of real live school psychologists who took the tips and transformed their careers and work/life balance!).

Free Time-Saving Bonus!

National School Psychology WEEK? Psh. How about let’s make it National School Psychology MONTH? That way, for the month of November, I can continue to give away  things that help school psychologists THRIVE!

When you buy a copy of The Thriving School Psychologist book before November 30th, 2020, you will get a free bonus template!

Would you like to streamline your workflow and automate reports to free up time to be with students?  How about starting your automation journey with some instant reading comprehension recommendations for your reports?

  • Freshen up and automate your recommendations with this PDF of reading strategies that are research-based, comprehensive, and easy for parents and teachers to understand.
  • Two JPEG files are also included so you can literally drag and drop the infographic with recommendations right in your reports!
  • Also makes a perfect handout at pre-referral intervention team meetings!

Here’s details on how to get your Free Bonus Template!

All you have to do is buy the Thriving School Psychologist Book in the month of November and head over to the Bonus page with your Amazon order number and it’s yours!

Many thanks for geeking out with me all week! I am truly so thankful that we had the chance to celebrate SPAW together, one last time!


🧡 Rebecca

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