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Tea & Thriving Book Club – Why Self-Care isn’t Enough

I  laughed. I cried. I did a Tik Tok dance for you.

Back to school pix are starting to hop in my feed, so here’s mine.

I can’t help it. I love the first day back to school! 🤓 #nerdalert

Lifelong learners, you feel me…but um…don’t crunch the numbers though. 😂

Real Talk Though…

If that back to school excitement dissipates when get your mile-long caseload list, or you find yourself back-burnering all those great hobbies and self-care activities you did over the summer by October, this episode of Tea and Thriving I just dropped is for you. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Catch the replay of my fourth “Tea and Thriving” book club on Instagram Live here! 

We talked about the critical mindset shifts needed to get out of the “quicksand of overworking and negativity” trap using strategies from my newest book, “The Thriving School Psychologist.”⁠

We talked about:⁠

🫖 What a “Zoom Mullet” is and why I love them!

🌼 A powerful and creative way to add self-care IN to your day, not an add ON after work.

☯️ My new “Tik Tok” moves that will help you remember the “Yin and Yang of self-compassion” all year long.

🎉(I also dropped some exciting and time-sensitive TSP news at end…be sure to catch the last 5 minutes to hear the news.) 🎉

Get the Book for Free, Join Us for Tea

Don’t have the book yet? Wanna geek out on all things school psych next Tea time?

You can get the book free by clicking here!


After you’ve downloaded the book, it’s easy to join us! Just follow me on Instagram and you’ll get announcements when the next one is being held! Easy Peasy!

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