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Tea & Thriving Book Club – The Power of Marigolds

Pinkies Up, Getting Down to Serious School Psych Business…

I’ve been loving connecting with other school psychs live on my Tea and Thriving book club sessions on Instagram. You know why?

Because nobody gets school psychs like other school psychs! 🧡

Unfortunately, unlike teachers, we can’t just pop down the hall for advice or a cuppa comfort after a hideously tense IEP meeting with another school psych who will GET IT.

If you ever feel isolated from other school psychs and want creative ways to connect, catch the replay of my third “Tea and Thriving” book club on Instagram Live here! 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

We talked about the critical mindset shifts needed to get out of the “being on an island of suffering” trap using strategies from my newest book, “The Thriving School Psychologist.”⁠

We talked about:⁠

🫖 My huge Freudian slip about tea that reveals my true identity

🌼 Why you need to plant a garden of “marigolds” this fall RIGHT AWAY to protect yourself from professional isolation

🙅‍♀️ How to put on your psychological hazmat suit from toxic energy at your schools

🎉(And I dropped some serious school psych connection goodness at the end….be sure to catch the last 5 minutes to hear the news!!!) 🎉

Catch the replay by clicking here! 

Get the Book for Free, Join Us for Tea

Don’t have the book yet? Wanna geek out on all things school psych next Tea time?

You can get the book free by clicking here!

When you download the book, you’ll also get announcements about when the next virtual book club meets!



After you’ve downloaded the book, it’s easy to join us! Just follow me on Instagram and you’ll get announcements when the next one is being held! Easy Peasy!


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