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Tea and Thriving Book Club

Want a low-key way to return to work in the fall rested, relaxed, AND ready?

Need a cuppa inspiration this summer that will help you feel energized to tackle whatever situation you might be walking into in the fall (and maybe a soothing cuppa tea and company to go with it, too?)

If you haven’t heard the news, I’ve started an ongoing virtual book club for school psychs where we will be talking about my newest book, The Thriving School Psychologist (which you can get for FREE here!).⁠

Come geek out with us for about 15-20 minutes at a time on live workshops on my Instagram Live, so you can turn the ideas from the book into action. ⁠

It’s easy to join us! Just follow me on Instagram and you’ll get announcements when the next one is being held! Easy Peasy!


Serving Up Your First Cuppa Thriving….

Are you a school psychologist who constantly feels crunched for time? 

Check out our first “Tea and Thriving” book club chat where we dove into all things “Pillar One” from the book. We tackled important questions like:

🫖☕️ Are you #teamcoffee or #teamtea?

🐸 What are the best organizational and time management strategies for school psychologists with high assessment caseloads? And why is it a frog?!?

💭 What are the most important “mind hacks” that you need to manage your time effectively that will keep you from taking work home on the weekend?

Check out the 20-minute replay here! 

Get the Book for Free, Join Us for Tea

Don’t have the book yet? You can get it free by clicking here! When you download the book, you’ll also get announcements about when the next virtual book club meets!*



*Oooh….our next one has a SPECIAL GUEST, Dr. Byron McClure, the school psych featured in Chapter 5!  Grab the book, hop over to follow me on Insta, and tune in on Tuesday, July 27th at 12 noon Pacific Time! We will be hearing from Dr. McClure about how he broke free from the Test-IEP-Repeat burnout cycle to do BIG THINGS in the world of SEL.

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