Special Education, IEPs, and Due Process, Oh My.

For those of you who missed it, here’s my appearance on Learning and Laughter with Louise on the topic of special education. I did this radio appearance at 6:00 am on my summer break, since Louise is on east coast time. That means I had to get up at 5:30 to make a coffee the size of my head to be somewhat normal by 6am. I did it for the children.

We talked about a variety of topics, from the basics of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to warning signs for Autism. At the end, there is a Q and A with parents who want to know if their child’s behavior is typical, or a sign of a disability.

Also, may I note that I never want to hear myself laugh on the radio again, even if it is on a show called Learning and Laughter. I checked the url to make sure it was the right episode and I managed to skip right to the part where I laugh at my own joke. I die of embarrassment.


Click here to download the episode onto iTunes. I tried for 2 days to embed a media player in this post so y’all could just listen here, but alas, FAIL. I guess if I were one of those fancy Web2.0 education people, I could do it. And if I even knew what Web 2.0 was, that would be even better.

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Comments on Special Education, IEPs, and Due Process, Oh My.

  1. Wendy says:

    I'm looking forward to listening to this. I'm a gen ed teacher making the move to special ed, so I'm sure this will be valuable!

  2. Shurl says:

    I started reading your book. I am starting to have flashbacks to my counseling internship (my supervisor overwhelmed with referrals and asking me, on my first week as an intern, to counsel a sobbing mother and daughter due to daughter's depression and cutting behavior. And there I am thinking "WE DIDN"T COVER THIS IN CLASS!!!) I spent the rest of that school year depending heavily on my clinic supervisor and my supervisor in the graduate program. They saved me!) I like how your book keeps it real! I also like how it shows that we really don't know when that "a-ha" moment will happen for the student and when it does happen, it can be so subtle and surprising. And in my case, as a counselor and future school psychologist, I may never know if my student gets that "a-ha" moment. I like to think that maybe a day, week, or a year after "termination of services", something I said or did turns on that lightbulb! Anyway, neat book, nice job, and I also enjoyed this radio interivew. (I'll post my review on Amazon when I'm finished with the book.)

  3. Rebecca says:

    @shurl: Thank you so much! I am glad that it wasn't just me drowning in my ignorance in that first year as a school psychologist. 😉 It gets better and better every year. I agree that something very subtle and surprising can make a difference, and we don't always get the pretty little therapy box with a thank you note for our work, but we keep doing it because we believe in it. Don't stop believing! (Wait, is that a journey song or a pearl of wisdom?) 😉

  4. TherExtras says:

    I operate about 1.1 on Web2.0. Glad for your company.

    Hope to listen later today.


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