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Self-Care for School Psychologists during COVID-19 (Part 2)

Well that escalated quickly.

Friday Morning– school not cancelled

Friday Afternoon – school cancelled through April (at least)

Monday Afternoon – shelter in place, no leaving the house except for food, emergencies, and fresh air while socially distancing 6 feet.

Wednesday Morning – Zoom call with Thriving School Psychologist Collective members to provide support and exchange “How to suddenly be a virtual school psychologist and not drop all your self-care” resources with on another. And we started crowd-sourcing resources for many of us who are also parents who are homeschooling at the same time.

It was so comforting and inspiring to meet with my Thriving School Psychologist community and lean into our “new normal for a while” together. In just a few hours, I got clarity, inspiration, and comfort even though none of us had “the answer.”

If you’re like me, you’re getting flooded with new information almost minute-to-minute and feeling overwhelmed by it all. You might be vacillating between anxiety, confusion, disorientation, and then calm all within one day.

I recorded this second video this morning with one of my emotional support animals who abandoned me halfway through the video…and we just keep on rolling with it. Because that’s all we can do. This is a period of surrender to what is.

It can also be a period of resolve.

We can resolve to take care of ourselves so we can help our families, our kids, and our school communities without burning ourselves out.

We are going to be holding a lot for a lot of people in our school communities.

None of us have done this before.

For those of you working waaaaaay outside your comfort zone, I see you.

I am you.

I give you full permission to not know what to do…yet.

And I invite you to connect with me and my brilliant and kind Thriving School Psychologist community in whatever way makes sense for you.

Check out this 8-minute video that offers up 3 things we can do to keep calm and school psych on (without neglecting our self care)


Keep Calm and Structure On: How to Manage Emotions and Build Structure at Home During COVID-19 (3 Videos and 4 PDFs created by me and my colleague, Elizabeth Sautter, of Make Social Learning Stick).
Greater Good in Education (Research-based SEL Resources/Activities for Educators and Parents)

NASP Resources on COVID-19 (FREE)
Rebecca’s Coffee Break School Psychology (FREE)
Rebecca’s March (School Psych) Madness Training (FREE)
School Psyched Podcast (FREE)
Rebecca’s NASP-approved Science of Happiness Course (Over 50% off) webinar on Telehealth ($25)
-NASP has discounted CPD by 50% in their Online Learning Center.
-All NASP podcasts are available now for members and non-members.

Click here to learn how to join the Thriving School Psychologist Family

We are in this together, and we will get through it together.


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