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Rebecca’s Favorite Things – Gift Ideas for School Psychologists!



Looking for the perfect gift for a school psychologist? Want to add a little something to your wishlist and treat yo’ self this holiday season?

I got you!

Oprah just launched her favorite things for 2020 and I was inspired to do the same, because I rarely see school psychologist gift guides and there’s some amazing and fun products out there.  And let’s face it, with the way 2020 has gone, we could all use a little fun in our lives right now, right?

Without further ado…

Rebecca’s Favorite Things: A Holiday Gift Guide for School Psychologists!

Books for School Psychologists

“The Thriving School Psychologist” by…ME!

OBVI choice, right? And it’s true to the title of this post about my favorite things–this literarily IS my favorite book right now. Not because I wrote it, but because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. The goal of this book is to prevent school psychs from falling into burnout traps that keep them from making a bigger impact in their schools and truly enjoying their careers.

The book empowers school psychologists be more than testing machines so they can have healthy work/life boundaries and be energized to be champions for students. It features the stories of real school psychologists who took the ideas and turned them into reality. Grab a cuppa coffee and a cuppa inspiration with my new book! Available in paperback or as an E-book here. 


“It’s Always About the Children” by Charles Barrett

Drawing on his experience as a school psychologist, It’s Always About The Children is a window into Charles Barrett’s passion for serving students and philosophical orientation to public education. With real life examples of advancing educational equity and social justice within schools, this book is refreshing look at the work of the school psychologist.

This book is packed with practical tips for serving children as well as fantastic personal anecdotes that illustrate important topics in our field. Click here to order this inspiring book!

Make Social And Emotional Learning Stick!(2nd Edition) by Elizabeth Sautter

School psychologists LOVE practical resources they can use with students, teachers and parents. That’s why I’m recommending this incredibly useful resource! Elizabeth is my colleague and co-creator of our Make it Stick Parenting Course, and she has just released her new edition of her book. It’s PACKED with ways that specific ideas for how to make kids and parents’ life smoother, more fun, and help children grow in emotional intelligence.

I love how this book is laid out is you don’t have to read it cover to cover but can easily grab just what you need for any situation that is challenging for the child and voilá! Instant PRACTICAL recommendations to boost skills.  Click here to order this SEL gem!


Clothing Gifts for School Psychologists

Handmade Block Earrings

Oh. Em. Gee.

See these blocks? We use them so often that it can be easy to forget how magical it felt in grad school to first learn how to use them, and how these little things could actually help kids. Dr. Julie handcrafts each of these little earrings to represent her love of School Psychology so you can represent in your schools!  Free shipping for a limited time! And TSP fans get a special code for 10% off! DOCTORSBNB

Order here!

They’re just the right level of that Mrs. Frizzle energy without going over the top…LOL.

I Never Get Invited to Any Meetings…

…said no school psychologist EVER!

It’s funny because it’s true, right? Bring a little fun to your next meeting with this t-shirt. It’s available in women’s or men’s sizes on my TSP shop site here!



Team SEL Hoodie

Hayyyyyy,…who here is on #TEAMSEL? Your school psychologist is! Make a statement and help spread awareness of social-emotional learning with your #TeamSEL apparel, brought to you by the fabulous folks over at Lessons for SEL.

Use the promo code TSPFAVES for $5 off this hoodie or any other product on the site! Order here!


Top 10 Reasons to Be a School Psychologist Poster

Show off your school psychologist pride with this adorable poster showcasing the Top 10 Reasons to be a School Psychologist. Hang the poster up in your office to share what you love about being a school psychologist! Or gift your school psych BFF this poster to brighten up their “cloffice” (closet/office).

This poster is warm ‘n fuzzy daily reminder of why we love what we do! Get the poster here! 

Art credit: @written_in_the_ stars_ak

Custom Thriving School Psychologist Art

You don’t have to be a member of the Thriving School Psychologist Collective to enjoy this custom art by local artist here in the Bay Area, The Designing Chica! But if you ARE a member of the TSP, you know you want that frog, and you know why, right?!?

This colorful modern art makes a great Zoom background for all your 2020 Zoom Background needs! Order the set here! 

*Posters are 8×8 and you can mix and match! They come unframed so you can pin them to your bulletin board in your office or frame them with the color of your choice. 🙂


Drink Coffee. Do Stuff.

Okay, it’s not exactly office decor, but it IS an essential gift for any school psychologist’s office! It’s my absolute favorite coffee. So yummy. And y’all should take my word for it, I’m an EXPERT. My entire Thriving School Psychologist YouTube channel is built off a coffee theme. My love of the coffee is deep.

Drink Coffee, Do Stuff: Turning coffee into complete psychoeducational reports for years! School psychs will love it! Order here!


I hope you enjoy this gift giving guide for school psychologists! Y’all work so hard and give so much! I hope you get everything your school psych heart wishes for this holiday season.

And…since it’s the season of giving, I am donating a portion of sales for any of my products from my TSP Shop to a nonprofit organization close to my heart that provides programs and resources to my friends in the Oakland Public Schools, the Oakland Public Education Fund.

Happy holidays! (And fingers crossed for a less crazy-pants new year!)



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