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Preventing School Psych Burnout (No Time Turner Required!)

School Psychologist Burnout…It’s Not What You Think it Is

When you think of someone who is burned out, it conjures up images of someone who is just kinda phoning it in–disengaged, uninterested, and hating their work.

That’s not what burnout often looks like for school psychologists and others in the helping professions. When school psychs get burned out, they still love their job and their students, but they may feel trapped in a role that only scratches the surface of what they can do to help kids. They are often demoralized at the state of educational systems in general and feel powerless to make changes.

Burnout for school psychs rarely looks like “phoning it in” –in fact, it’s often the opposite— it’s overworking and feeling underutilized.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I know because I clawed my way out of burnout about 9 years ago and have made it my life’s mission to prevent burnout in our field altogether. Because when school psychologists thrive, so do our students.

Watch this 4-minute video to learn what advice I’d give my younger self at three various phases in my career that would have absolutely helped prevent burnout and saved me sooooo much heartache and regret.

Whatever Phase You Are In Your Career…You Can Thrive.

If someone had pulled me aside at the height of my burnout (oooh—maybe my future self, ala Doc Brown in Back to the Future!) and told me that I would still be a school psychologist after 20 years I would have laughed in their faces. Or at least rolled my eyes and scoffed behind their back after they left.

And if someone told me that HUNDREDS of school psychologists would join me in the fight to get school psychs the resources they need to thrive, I really would have been shocked. But that’s what has happened. In the Thriving School Psychologist Course and Community, we hold each other up, give our pro-tips, and take the 4 steps needed to have better time management, lower stress, and more impact in our school communities.

If You Are Ready to THRIVE Too, Download My New Book for FREEEEEEEEEE

Being a school psychologist has always been challenging. These past few years being a school psychologist in a freakin’ global pandemic has been even harder. My book, The Thriving School Psychologist, was written during the pandemic, when burnout and stress were at an all time high and our Thriving School Psychologist  Collective family really banded together to help each other cope.

We always knew having a community of school psychs was important, but the pandemic really made it clear how invaluable daily connection is so we could support each other, learn from each other, and be on the cutting edge of emerging best practices.

That’s why I want to gift my new book to any school psychologist out there who also wants to learn from other school psychologists and feel a sense of shared purpose—because when we thrive, our students thrive too.

I’m soooooooo excited to get this book in your hands! I have poured a lot of love into this book, and I can’t wait for you to read it and share what you think!

Download your ebook copy for FREE here! (*Timeturner not included 😉)






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