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My blog is not dead.

Hello kittens! My blog is still alive. Sort of.

Anyone here have a toddler? I am currently watching mine through my video monitor, talking about her day in a Faulkner-esque stream of consciousness and pushing her baby doll around in her stroller instead of sleeping. I figure as long as she’s no longer screaming, “MAMA!!!! HUG!!!!!” over and over again, she’ll be fine.

I can hardly blame Toddler B for my lack of writing. I can blame only myself. It is true that the second I pull out my laptop, no matter how engaged she is in something, there are requests for videos of The Count or Elmo, banging on the keyboard, and it turns out it’s a bit hard to ignore a small person crawling all over you to get a better view of the screen. And I DIE when she laughs maniacally like The Count after every number. ONE! AH HA HA. TWO! AH HA HA. Plus, I’d much rather be playing dress up or teaching her phonological awareness and concepts of print skills* than looking at a computer screen, so I barely dust off the old girl.

Actually, the real reason I’ve been MIA is because mama is writing another book! I am on Chapter 19 of 20 and in an ironic twist, I am procrastinating writing the chapter on task completion even though I am so close. A girl gets tired after 18 chapters, what can I say?

So stay tuned for your regularly scheduled blog in a few weeks. And very soon, get ready for a book on executive functioning that will rock your nerdy world! NERDS….UNITE!!!

*I know you’re wondering it. Yes, Toddler B has fantastic concepts of
print. Also, the other day I’m pretty sure she was using textual evidence to support inferences within a non-fiction text.

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  1. Looking forward to the book, especially given your writing style. My EF skills are simply not strong enough to read one more dry book on EF.

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