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Mindfulness for School Psychologists…It’s Not Just for Our Students!

Want to learn mindfulness for school psychologists? Sign up for the Mindful May Challenge! We often teach mindfulness strategies to our students, but forget how to tap into their power for our own wellbeing. It’s a free video mini-training, sent right to your inbox with one tip a week in the month of May. Each new week in May, you’ll get a 5-minute video and PDF that will give you some ideas for finding time to infuse self-care, calm, rest and relaxation during the school day.

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Oh! And for the 5 people out there who prefer reading to video (or maybe you’re at work and can’t have volume up?!?) here’s the transcript of my video below! 😉

Ommm…Ohmmmmm my gosh, no, I’m a school psychologist. I don’t have time to sit in front of a forest and meditate! Right? I mean, I’m going to work!

Anyway, I am here to talk to you about the importance of calm and self-care during the school day and I know what you’re thinking:

Ai’nt nobody got time for that.

That’s what I think too…No one has time to sit in front of a forest sit like a lotus flower for thirty minutes in a peaceful meditation during the school day.

Lack of time during the school day doesn’t mean that you can’t infuse self-care, calm, rest and relaxation in your day even when you have a crazy to do list.

At this time of year, what school psychologists are prone to do is look at how many days there are to a summer and look at the to-list and then think, “I have to get more efficient.”

I have fallen into this trap too. I think if I can be a better, stronger, faster school psychologist and work harder, longer hours, than I can keep ahead of the game. The danger is getting burned out. You guys know this, right? With this mindset, it can become an awful stressful sprint to summer.

So, are there ways that you can actually infuse calm, rest, relaxation in your day? There are!

I’m going to teach you four strategies that are very simple in my “Mindful May Challenge.” It’s a four video series where I’m going to teach you ways to infuse calm, rest and relaxation in your school day even when you don’t think you have time.

Because the real fact is that a rested, calm, mind ultimately is more productive. Rest does not have to be only a reward for a job well done. It can be, but rest is actually an integral part of doing our jobs well. Rest allows us to be fully present for our wonderful students and staff that we love to serve.

I look forward to seeing you in the Mindful May challenge! Mindfulness for school psychologists is such an important tool for our own self-care. That’s why this training is totally free. No pitches, just pro-tips and fun videos to help us all get to the summer with our sanity!

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