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March (School Psych) Madness is BACK!

It’s coming…..It’s March Madness! No, not basketball…

It’s that crazy time of year where school psychologists often get a huge volume of referrals and it’s SO hard to keep up with the ever-growing to-do list.

Not to worry, school psych friends, I GOT YOU.

Watch this quick video to learn the “Final Four” strategies for keeping sane during the spring:

OMG How Do I Get This Free Training?

If you’re already on my Thriving School Psychologist email list, you don’t have to do anything to sign up. Yay!

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This is a FREE video training, y’all!  Each week in March, I will email you  a short video and tool with favorite strategies for:

🏀Combatting “decision fatigue” to preserve your energy

🏀Prioritization when you have an endless to-do list

🏀Finding calm in the chaos

🏀How to deal with overwhelm and high volume of work without resentment

Spoiler alert!

The winner will be…Your Sanity!

Something New for March Madness 2020

And for the first time…

I’m getting fancy…

We have a hashtag!

As you learn about the March Madness survival tips, share out your WINS using hashtag #TSPWIN (that’s Thriving School Psychologist Win, ya’ll). Post and follow on Facebook @schoolpsych, Instagram @thrivingschoolpsych and/or Twitter @ThrivingSP.

There may or may not be PRIZES involved…

Go Team TSP! 🙂


P.S. Are you a member of the TSP online course and community, past or present? Check your inbox today for a special “March Madness Overtime” Zoom call where we will bring the whole Thriving School Psychologist Collective online course community together for a mastermind to share out our own strategies for surviving (and thriving) during March Madness. Didn’t get your invitation? PM me! 🙂

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