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Makeover Time!

I finally got some work done. It was about time. Looking pretty old and dated. Yes, I got my blog and website redone! Wait, what were you thinking? I honestly think the blog had the original blogger template from 2007 when I started Notes from the School Psychologist. It’s almost been long enough for people to think that I was doing it on purpose to look retro cool. But like the trend of women wearing overalls coming back, the rule is: If you wore it the first time, you can’t claim to be retro when the trend comes back and you’re still wearing it.*

I also updated my website and headshot, because lets face it, my previous headshot screamed FALSE ADVERTISING as it was 10 years old and from B.C. (before children). That perky school psychologist gal with perfect hair standing by a school bus does not exist. I actually prefer the “seasoned mom” look though. I think my new look gives me some street cred with parents. Sleep deprived and haggard? I’m with you, parents.

So without further ado…my new blog! Here’s hoping the new look will inspire many new posts!

*Circa 1994 overalls with a flannel shirt–Seriously, not a cute look. A lesser college student couldn’t have pulled them off like I did though.

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