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It’s March (School Psychology) Madness Time!

If you are expecting a post about college basketball…fooled you! Ha! I marginally care about basketball March Madness. I usually pick my winners for bracket games by which mascot would win. So every year, I go for the Florida Gators, because Gators don’t mess around, people.

ANYHOO…What I DO care deeply about is the madness that comes in March for school psychologists, and runs straight up to the last day of school. Every March, school psychologists get 8 hojillion* assessment referrals because 1) Everyone starts to get concerned about the students that are not responding to interventions and 2) People are (rightfully) concerned about how said struggling students are going to do in X+1 grade (Where X is the child’s current grade, plus one. Wow, my high school Algebra teacher was right, I did use Algebra in real life!)

It took me about 10 years into my career to figure out how to survive March School Psych Madness. Now, I lean into the chaos instead of fighting it, and the winner is MY SANITY. Want to know how? Join me in learning the “Final Four” strategies for surviving the spring semester.

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Go Gators! Go School Psychs!


*Hojillion is a number somewhere between 20 and a million. I’m full of math today.

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