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For School Psychs Only: My New School Year’s Resolutions

Hi School Psych friends! Every school year, I set out with a “New School Year Resolution” and this year, I have three! Good things come in threes, yes?

  1. No weekend report writing!
  2. Connect with other school psychs who “get it”
  3. Work with intention and healthy boundaries to prevent burnout

Was it a quote at my gym, or someone famous who said, “Goals are Dreams with Deadlines.”?

Well guess what…there is a deadline! If you have similar goals, you can join me in my Thriving School Psychologist online course to move away from being a “Testing Machine” and free up your time to do meaningful work with students, staff, and families. No more hiding out in your office churning out reports that no one reads!

Learn to streamline, automate, and eliminate bureaucratic nonsense so you can use your full skillset as a school psychologist. I mean, raise your hand and tell me that you signed on to be a school psychologist to write up assessment reports for the next 20 years? *crickets*

Want to break out of the “Test-IEP-Repeat” burnout cycle? You can, even in a challenging district bureaucracy. But you have to hop to it, folks.

Registration ends Saturday, August 26th 2017 at midnight and the course will not be offered again until August 2018! Register here

Click here to learn more about the online, interactive course that can also earn you 5 NASP-approved CPD units!

Join me in this amazing cohort of school psychologists! The learning portal opens up this Sunday, August 27th so you can hit the ground running with your New School Year’s Resolutions!

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