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The First Two Days Back In Public School: By The Numbers

Number of Icebreakers: 7,000
Number of Schools Assigned to Me: 3
Number of Days in Working Public School Per Week: 3
Ratio of School Psychologist (Me!) to Students: 1:350
Number of Dead Rodents Discovered at School: 1
Number of Janitors Available to Help Clean Up Dead Rodent: 0
Number of Times I Gagged Trying to Dispose of Carcass: 47*
Number of 7th Graders Who Are Now Taller Than Me: 35
Number of Crying Children Sent to My Office: 2
Number of Times I Couldn’t Communicate Effectively in Spanish: Cinco
Number of Times I Could: Cinco
Number of Students Asking to be in The Talent Group Again: All of Them
Ratio of School Psychologist to Ants in Office: 1:350
Number of Ants Squished: 50
Number of Kids that Make it All Worth It: Infinite

*48. Just gagged again thinking about it.

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Comments on The First Two Days Back In Public School: By The Numbers

  1. nbosch says:

    I’m laughing—modern man (and woman) cracks me up, we are such weenies. Somehow a bat flew into our house Sunday night and my hub, two grown sons (one with blanket over head)and myself were running around the house and yard like morons!! I’m gagging thinking about you gagging. N.

  2. N- Thank you for your sympathy gag! I would have freaked out at the sight of a bat in my home!

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