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I watched this mockumentary last night called “Chalk.” It was, I think, supposed to be a comedy. If you work in the schools though, it may hit a little too close to home to be funny! I kept looking at my fiancée with horrified face one moment and then engaged in laughing fit the next. Apparently, it’s a film you should watch with other educators, as some of the assistant principal scenes were hilarious to only me. It’s a bit like “The Office” in that it’s painful-funny to most, and to those who work in an office, super painful-funny.

The movie detailed the life of a first year teacher and a whole cast of characters in the school, including the teacher-turned-assistant-principal, the pushy P.E. teacher, and the teacher with inappropriate boundaries that wants to be friends with the students.

Okay, upon re-watching the trailer, it is kind of funny, especially when the AP sings, “You can teach if you want to, you can leave no child behind…” If you think about it, the “behind the scenes” stories of any industry and its cast of characters is pretty humorous stuff. Right now, I am smirking to myself at the delicious coincidence that my past two offices in the schools have been located in the back wing of the auditorium stage. I guess I’m literally working behind the scenes being a school psychologist.

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