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Finding Balance This Summer: It’s Like Boot Camp for Back-to-School

Hey school psychs! I know, I know, I said it. I said “Back-to-School.” In July.

Some of you may have recoiled at the screen and internally screamed, “NOOOOOOO….TOO SOON!”


Not to worry, this is a FUN message about a free training for school psychologists on how to find balance in the summer so that you can bring that relaxed summer vibe into your school year!

How to Find The Perfect Balance Between “Doing” and “Being” This Summer

In this 3 minute video, I explain how balance in a yoga practice is a perfect metaphor for what it’s like for me over the summer as a school psychologist.

See, I have this internal struggle all summer between wanting to do nothing at all and using the time to get ahead of the game and prepare for the new school year, while I have the bandwidth to take on tasks.

It’s taken me quite a while to find that perfect balance between doing and being over the summer.

Watch this quick video to learn how I move away from “Worrier One” pose to finding work/play balance in the summer.

It’s so important to remember that there is no wrong way to spend your summer! As my yoga teacher said in the middle of class today, “you do you.”

If you need to do a little bit of work to feel like you’re ready for the fall, great.

If you need to sit around and do nothing, great.

You do you – annnnnnnnnd – if you want to spend 30 minutes getting prepared for the school year in a very low stress way, I’ve created something just for you!

You Can Find Balance During the School Year Too

Summer doesn’t have to be the only time you have balance in your life!

Back by popular demand, I’m re-opening my FREE video mini-training: 3 Summer Secrets to Go Back-to-School Ready, Relaxed, and Organized! This video series is designed to help you hit the ground relaxed, not running, this coming school year. Putting systems in place now will help you keep a healthy pace throughout the school year, so you can have better work-life boundaries!

Click here to sign up for my FREE Video Mini-Training for School Psychologists so that you can learn:

  • The simple one page planning tool that will prevent weekend report writing
  • How you can use a FROG to focus (it’s summer, folks, let’s keep it fun!)
  • The 3 things that the science of happiness can teach us school psychologists about how to practice self care (especially when we feel that we don’t have time!)

This school psychologist training is available only in the month of July, so be sure to sign up right away!

Click here for the FREE Training!

Oh….and look out for those scissors and pencils at Office Depot…they’re coming for you…so you may as well be ready! 😉

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