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Back to School Time Management Tips!

Hayyyy school psych friends! One of my fave school psych mentors once told me, “The time to learn to swim is not when you’re drowning” and I feel like this really applies to school psychs building out organizational systems before we head back to school.

If you’re worried that the floodgates of referrals are going to open up after SEVENTEEN months of pandemic learning and you’ll be drowning in assessments and report writing, this message is for you…


Want to know what I’ve learned about organization and time management from my zillion years as a school psych (and from working with over 600 school psychs across the country in the Thriving School Psychologist Collective)?

Check out my 2021 version of the 4 Pillars of a Thriving School Psychologist webinar (recently revised!) so you can:

1) Get immediate support with organization and time management for your crazy to-do list before the year starts, AND

2) Learn the top 5 time-saving hacks (and 5 mind hacks!) to think systematically about how you can refresh your skill set beyond testing…for the long term.

An hour of your time watching this free training may be just the inspirational time-management reboot you need right now!

In the webinar, I share the stories of school psychologists who made powerful transformations being in the Thriving School Psychologist Course with me. You’ll hear how:

  • Jennifer went from being a “testing machine” to doing almost 100% SEL work
  • Jess went from working every night and weekend to getting all her reports done AT WORK
  • Amanda went from always putting her self care on the back burner to figuring out a clever way to embed self-care IN HER DAY.

You’re going to be so inspired…I promise!

Plus, you’ll get free snazzy organizational tools for….whatever comes your way this school year. 😳😳😳

And if you attended the webinar before, there’s a brand new offer at the end, featuring snazzy new SEL and time-saving bonuses!

Plus, there’s time-sensitive information about how to join this year’s cohort of The Thriving School Psychologist Collective!

“See” you in the training…since it’s virtual, no cute face masks required…though I do have quite the eclectic collection now of Harry Potter, sloth, and coffee masks. 😉

🧡 Rebecca


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