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An Empty Nest in my Heart…

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  1. BoAe Kim says:

    I'm so sorry for your loss. If it makes you feel better I signed and shared a petition for mandatory school counselors k-12 in between sharing jokes on fb. I think you have to laugh and talk about important things sometimes in the same breath. Otherwise there will be little room for serious conversations because mostly, people prefer to laugh.

    For the petition:

    Please sign and share this petition while laughing with friends.

  2. Kimberly D says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Living just two towns from Newtown, there is a deep hole in our hearts that remains; and as a mother (of kids who are now fearful of the world they live in), a mental health worker, and a a school psychology intern, I wish that there was a simple answer to all this madness. Have peace in your heart knowing that while she was on this earth, you made a positive impact in Js life.

  3. ashes says:

    I feel your hurt…. as I lost my own J. to a crossfire on a local street. It never is easy. Thanks for being an example of change.

  4. Marji says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about the death of your student. J. sounds like she touched you profoundly and you were lucky to know her – I'm sure you'll always carry her in your heart. As a school psych for nearly 21 years, I've lost several students – seems to always have been kids in middle school – and each time is heartbreaking.
    I really appreciate your blog and will look up the FB page you recommended – as a mom I appreciate one more resource and always like to find a community of like-minded folks online. Take care of you, as you take care of your kids (at work and at home…)

  5. Marji says:

    I'm so sorry for your loss – J. sounds like she was really special and you were lucky to have worked with her. In the 20+ years I've been a school psych I've lost several students (why do they always seem to be middle-school students? so close to adulthood that you can envision what they'll be like, yet really, still children…) They've stayed with me since, like I'm sure J. will stay in your heart.
    Thank you for your perspective – I appreciate your mentioning the FB page – I'll check it out (always looking for supportive sites for like-minded folks). Very timely these days, with our hearts broken by Newtown and the other challenges of our jobs…

    Take care of yourself, as you take care of your kids (at work and at home).

  6. Anonymous says:

    🙁 It's awful to lose a student, and it's even worse for it to happen in such an unnecessary way. I believe change can happen. You're doing amazing work.

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