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Ain’t Nuthin’ But an Educator Paaaaarty

This week was my spring break (yes, this late). It was so late this year, I almost tricked myself into thinking it was summer break. The good news is, when I go back to work tomorrow, it is practically May, so it won’t be long. You think kids are the only ones who get Spring Fever? Ha!

Anyhoo, I spent my spring break in NYC. I had only been one time before, in February, and I wrote off the entire city at that point for being a miserable place. Turns out, in the spring, it’s lovely! Who knew? Everyone but me, probably. I had a great time touring the city with my husband when the weather was nice enough to enjoy it. But by far the best part was meeting up with my Internet BFF, “Mrs. Mimi” for the first time.

People, if you don’t know “Mrs. Mimi” of Its Not All Flowers and Sausages blog, you simply must. She is a teacher who GETS IT. We became Internet besties a few years ago and we are just one broken heart necklace away from being Best Friends in real life too. We met on the Upper West Side (West Siiiiiiide!)* for brunch. It was totally an East Coast meets West Coast Educator Party. It was kind of like when 2Pac and Snoop Dogg got together to make Gangsta Party and they done just put two of Amerikaz most wanted in the same *bleep* place at the same *bleep* time. Wait, they were both west coast rappers. Nevermind. But kind of like that, but not. I digress. ANYHOO, it was a bi-coastal urban-education-love-fest. My husband couldn’t believe we had never met before, the way we were talking nonstop for two hours.**

And I won’t steal her thunder, but DO check her blog in the next few weeks, she has some fabulous things going on right now. Even though she is no longer in the classroom, she is doing some great things in the world of education. Sure, we miss the stories of her getting a g-string for Christmas from one of her students, stories of administrative dysfunction junction, and bodily fluid stories***, but she has some fabulous new projects in the works we will all be excited about. Plus, she has such fancy news from just this past week, I’m dying to congratulate her publicly! But you know how BFFs are, we keep these types of pinkie swear secrets quiet, and we don’t gossip into the blog-o-sphere. We just allude to them so you’ll check out her blog.

After we talked shop over brunch for over an hour, she suggested we go eat the world’s best chocolate chip cookies together (seriously, she’s a gal after my own heart). Could she be more fabulous? The cookies were And so was meeting the infamous Mrs. Mimi.

*Sorry, I have 2Pac Tourettes from time to time. RIP, 2Pac *tips 40 to his mem’ry*
**Hubby is such a trooper. His eyes only glazed over a few times as we talked about the state of public education today.
***For more stories, get her fab book by the same name—just clicky click here or on the right side of my blog under “Buy Yourself Something Pretty.”

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Comments on Ain’t Nuthin’ But an Educator Paaaaarty

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I love her blog too. And yours is awesome as well. I am a school psychologist as well and it can be a crazy wild ride, but a honorable profession as well. I blog too…check my blog out anytime…
    Stay strong throughout the last weeks of school. I have to write like a hundred reports…crazy, huh? I would love to swap stories…we could truly write a book. Take care! 🙂 ~Liz

  2. Meghan says:

    Where are the world's best chocolate chip cookies found? It's imperative that I know this!
    BTW – I hope you're out of school by now! Summer is the best!

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