Thriving School Psych Thriving Students

For School Districts

For School Districts

Want to empower your school psychologists to be more than "testing machines”?

Professional Development for School Psychologists

Learn how an investment in your school psychologists can pay off dividends for years in improving your MTSS/RTI systems, efficient service delivery, and prevention of staff burnout and turnover. An investment now can save districts from the costly consequences of being out of special education compliance and disproportionality of students of color in special education.

Online Curriculum for Teaching Executive Functioning Skills

Do you want an easy-to-use toolkit for teaching vital executive functioning skills like focus, impulse control, and organization? Look no further! Learn practical tools to books students' executive functioning and study just a few minutes a day.

Online SEL Curriculum for Teaching Coping Skills to Stressed Out Students 

Short on time but your students' social emotional and behavioral needs are high? This masterclass and downloadable toolkit has over 30+ downloadable activities teach critical social emotional learning (SEL) and coping skills such as managing anxiety, building growth mindset, and enhancing frustration tolerance.