Popular Blogger, Author, and School Psychologist Rebecca Branstetter, Ph.D. Reveals...

The 4 Pillars of a Thriving School Psychologist

and How to Move From Being a "Testing Machine" to Having the Freedom to Do Meaningful Work with Students

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Whether you’re an early career psychologist in need of strategies or seasoned professional who is getting burned out, you can thrive as a school psychologist, not just survive the bad parts to get to the good parts of the job! This Free Webinar Will Show You:

3 Critical Behaviors to Cut Down on Report Writing Time 

Learn how to cut down the amount of time spent organizing your caseload and doing redundant paperwork to free up time to work with students (and avoid report writing on weekends!)

The Single Best Way to Get More Quality Time with Students

Learn how I went from assessing over 75 students a year to 25 students per year with one policy. You can shift your role from being a "gatekeeper to services" to being a resource for intervention and support for students, parents, and school staff with the right strategy.

Top 5 Time Management Hacks for School Psychologists

Learn why traditional time-management techniques fall short when you work in schools and how to work smarter, not harder and longer!

 You got into this profession to work with kids, not spend hours writing reports and filling out paperwork! 

Break free from the “Test-IEP-Repeat” burnout cycle by Learning the 4 Pillars of Thriving School Psychologists with Dr. Rebecca Branstetter, author of The School Psychologist's Survival Guide and the popular blog, Notes From the School Psychologist